Video Production Course

Every industry today requires video-making knowledge. Enroll yourself in this course and level up in your career.

Our curriculum strikes a balance between traditional film foundations and the latest production and post-production techniques. You will learn how to master essential visual communication and video production methods for video production, scripting, lighting, audio mixing and nonlinear editing.

Learn video production on your own time from the comfort of your own space. Our experienced instructor teaches this course over seven lessons while demonstrating practical ideas, tips, videos and live setups. Once you are enrolled in the course, be sure to click complete lesson to track your progress. Certificates will be generated after evaluation forms are submitted.

Meet the instructor

Sharon Angel, B.A., M.F.A.

Starting at the age of 10, Sharon Angel recorded over 10 seasons of television programs that aired on many national networks. She went on to study media full time and earn her bachelor’s in Broadcast Communication and later graduate with a master’s degree in Cinema-television with a focus in production. Read More


I truly enjoyed all the sessions with Sharon. The world of production seemed unattainable or foreign before taking this course. But learning the essentials from Sharon has opened a window for me into the possibilities of what I can do through short films. Thank you for emboldening me with confidence that I can start learning

– Temjeninla

I feel confident in producing a short film with a partner or small team of collaborators. The courses were great. The speakers and webinar leaders were well versed in their craft and mission. They were very knowledgeable and willing to offer additional services and support.

– Vanessa

The sessions while being informative were very clear. Though everything taught was completely new to me, I could fully understand the complexities broken down simply.

– Bhuvana

I really enjoyed the sessions. Really appreciate Sharon for answering all the queries and questions. The classes were really informative and Sharon has set an example for all the women out there to pursue filmmaking. So glad she decided to share her experience and learnings with all the ladies.

– Arpu

Sharon was an amazing teacher and she went through in detail on the different classes held on script writing, camera technicalities and video editing. Being completely new to film production, I have learnt a lot now from Sharon’s class. Going through examples from her own short films was helpful to interpret the concept of film making and the topic/ideas of her short films were inspiring as well.

– Sreeja


Sharon Angel, B.A., M.F.A.
7 Lessons

Be sure to click 'complete lesson' to track your progress.

Video Production Course

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