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Sharon Angel

Sharon Angel, B.A., M.F.A.

Starting at the age of 10, Sharon Angel recorded over 10 seasons of television programs that aired on many national networks. She went on to study media full time and earn her bachelor’s in Broadcast Communication and later graduate with a master’s degree in Cinema-television with a focus in production.

Sharon launched her Youtube series “Random Thoughts” in 2013 where she writes, hosts, produces and edits her own content for over two million viewers and 40,000+ subscribers. During covid-19, she also hosted, directed and produced a 52 episode half-hour program for a television network in India.

Her vast experience in video production enabled her to empower women in 21 countries teaching the basics of video production and social media fundamentals by conducting webinars, training sessions and short courses. Today, Sharon runs a video production company in California and hosts a podcast series “The Courage to Identify”.