Video Production Course

Every industry today requires video-making knowledge. Enroll yourself in this course and level up in your career.

Our curriculum strikes a balance between traditional film foundations and the latest production and post-production techniques. You will learn how to master essential visual communication and video production methods for video production, scripting, lighting, audio mixing and nonlinear editing.

Learn video production on your own time from the comfort of your own space. Our experienced instructor teaches this course over seven lessons while demonstrating practical ideas, tips, videos and live setups. Once you are enrolled in the course, be sure to click complete lesson to track your progress. Certificates will be generated after evaluation forms are submitted.


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Students who complete the course within three months receive a certificate of completion. Enroll in this course and level up your career.


Welcome Session

Video Making 101: Introduce yourself to the instructor

Video production knowledge is essential no matter what industry you work in. Meet Sharon Angel M.F.A.,who will be teaching you the basics of video production and introducing you to everything you need to know about scripting, equipment, budget, crew, filming and editing.

Session One

Introduction: Three steps in production

Step one to the fundamentals of production. Learn the process of researching, planning, and forming a crew to editing, graphics, audio and everything in between.

Session Two

Storytelling and Concept Development: Get your idea from your head onto paper

This class will teach you how to make an outline and what plot points you should be thinking of as you begin developing your story. Familiarize yourself with the terms that industry professionals use as they write and narrate their story.

Session Three

Concept to Script: Visualise your ideas as a full script

Learn how to define your story’s characters, obstacles, and scope. Understand the importance of the three acts in a traditional narrative structure and discover how to build tension and reveal key plot points.

Session Four

Equipment Basics : Get the equipment you need to make an effective video or film

This class reviews the tools and techniques aspiring video editors, cinematographers, directors, and producers need to know. Walk through the basic tools and equipment you will need to setup a shot both indoor and outdoor.

Session Five

Camera, Lights and Audio Setup: The fundamentals of technical setup

Learn how to use different lens options and effects, shoot outside or in low light, and work around common frustrations like headroom and ineffective shutter speed.

Session Six

Editing: Slice, dice and make magic

Get a hands-on approach to finding your aesthetic and technical aspects of video editing. This proper workflow shows how an editor’s decisions impact emotion, meaning, and advancement of story.


Sharon Angel, B.A., M.F.A.
7 Lessons

Be sure to click 'complete lesson' to track your progress.

Video Production Course

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